Ava Roberson Art

Ava Roberson Art


I am a local artist currently living in middle East Tennessee. My art is based off of my testimonies, & others testimonies. I have a small home art studio which is where I do all my work from. I do all mix mediums, as well as requests. My art is more abstract based, along side with my handwritten/framed poetry pieces + photography shots. All performed in the atmosphere of worship with Yahweh's lead... If you or someone you may know would like to have a worship painter at your church gathering or wedding I'd be more than pleased to bring a spirit led service with the gift of creativity there. Hope you enjoy my art page & feel free to place an order on any of my pieces or email me for custom made requests.
Connect with me!!
Phone: (629)395-3331
Gmail: avar2017@gmail.com
Facebook: Ava Marie Roberson
Instagram: @2avalicious4u

*Art prices may very. Every piece is handmade & one of a kind. Due to handcrafting slight variations will occur.*

May Yahweh bless you & keep you! Love on, Ava