Austin McDougal Art

Austin McDougal Art

Welcome! My name is Austin McDougal, I am currently a Tennessee based artist living in Chattanooga. I am enrolled at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where I am studying painting and Drawing. My interests cover a wide range of things. I am always looking to expand myself and dive into the unknown world around me; physically and mentally.

I have always pursued a life of art. When I was little i was fascinated with drawing anything I found challenging. I had an early eye for aesthetics and beauty. Associating myself with art was what i found most enjoyable, and natural. Growing up, I felt like an outsider many times. I felt as though i noticed things other people did not- details and fragments of information that was discarded or forgotten... I created meaning for it.

When I was sixteen I embraced myself and my artistic nature and decided thats who i wanted to be. I wanted to exist authentically and be no one else but myself. On June 28th, 2012 I admitted to the world that I am gay. This opened up an honest, brand new, vibrant path of life for me.

Entering high school I began entering my artwork in more elite competitions statewide. While I was attending Station Camp High School in Gallatin, TN. I achieved a handful of awards- "Best Painting" for the Tennessee Regional High School art show at the Renaissance Center (2012 & 2013). Other awards include a 2nd place Drawing and an Honorable Mention award in the same competition; as well as local Gallatin and Hendersonville recognition awards as well.

My aspiration to flood the world with my artwork and ideas only continues to grow. I value knowledge and inspiration- I wish to be a figure known for sharing and giving back to this wonderful and mysterious world!

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