Audrey Rosado

Audrey Rosado

Audrey Rosado is a native of Santa Rosa, California. She has always loved art since she was a small child spending time with her grandparents shop in the back coloring and "staying in the lines". Audrey won numerous contests in elementary school.

Audrey began art with sketching and fine line drawings. Around 2014 Audrey took some old water color paint and just started playing around and soon discovered she loved painting. A few years later her youngest son told her to try out acrylic - and so she did.

Audrey paints in the medium or acrylic and still does some water color. Her passion is painting the ocean, Polynesian tribal and hula prints.

Personal Life
Audrey married Dane in 1992 who came to Santa Rosa for college from Hawaii. They have 2 sons, Joshua (b:1993) and Jordan (b:1996) and make their home in Santa Rosa but travel to Hawaii yearly to see family. Audrey attended Binkley, Madrone and Matanzas elementary schools, Slater and Rincon Valley Junior Highs and Santa Rosa High School. Audrey did not attend college because she chose to have a family.

Audrey's Words
I love art and I love the passion and soul that I put into it. I love painting for me and what I see is beauty. I have always been just an "at-home" artist and have never branched out to sell any of my work. I have family and friends pushing me to share my love with the world. Thank you for enjoying my work... My love... My passion.

My Favorite Pieces