Living the dream in Montana.

To be honest, I have been rather selfish. I like gentle recreation; sightseeing, strolls thru the countryside, traveling, visiting places I’ve never been and revisiting places I have. The sights, sounds and smells enhance those experiences.

I’ve not approached photography as art per se, but rather for capturing and composing snapshots for the purpose of my own enjoyment, to feed my imagination and contemplation. Yet I have been challenged to step beyond my comfort zone and selfish enjoyment, to share these very personal treasures. Maybe others would enjoy the beauty these humble offerings present; maybe they too would be moved, inspired?

I am attracted largely to landscapes. Interestingly ghost towns, mining camps and old homesteads have also grown in fascination for me. I am unusually drawn toward pathways and portals – of any kind, natural or unnatural. For me, pathways are journeys into contemplation; portals are peepholes through which tales unfold in my imagination.

Mount Rushmore Up Close


Ghost Towns


Walking in Astoria