Ashanthian Tophet

Ashanthian Tophet

The other before you I am.
Even though he is me,
who is me?

I am,
The ashes ascending
From the coals of hells dead fire.

I am,
The winds within
The cycle spin of the hawks desire.

I am,
Ugly and beauty
Molded and folded.

I am,
Eternal, in duality, the unification of
Loves creative expression.

I am,
Connected, as one,
In all, through all.
I am here, I am now.

Hear me if you can,
The other before you I am.

Kept quiet, hidden, till this special day.
You are very special to me,
You are part of me and I you.
Through and through.

I see how distant this must be.
Understand truth,
She is me and I you.


His roots grow deep,
The soil... Love

His limbs reach up high,
The sun... Love

Blessed is he,
Embrassing, beautiful, eternal warmth.


Never broken,
No matter the storm or wind that blew
He guarded the seed
Through and through.

A creative plan before a man
Placing the seed, my love,
Eternal beauty from above

Protecting her from all hate and fear.
As she whittnessed in dispair,
he took in vain
The hate
The fear
The pain.

The will runs deep
As she wheeps
Encased within the sacred tree.

Here she could see
There he could hear

He ate the vomit of the devils pride
Sacrificing himself,
Dying, crying
Slowly inside.

For you and I.

During these dark days
He found ways
To give,
Thanks and praise,
Listening for
Never broke
Whispered soft and gently
Quietly through his heart

Rain drops of inspiration
Tears, within the dark

Angel of the morning,
Morning star, my love,
Open up your eyes now,
Open up your heart,
Open up,
Wake up!

I am here
I am now
I am Love
I am Ashanthian Tophet
I am that, I am.


After a near death experience in September 2014, Ashanthian woke up. The life changes, spiritual awakening, and creative expressions have manifested in many ways. An awakening of remebered birth, a last chance at life. Here to express, unconditional Love, through any creative expression received.


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