Artwork by Carla

Artwork by Carla

Initially I was self taught in oil painting while I was on active duty in the United States Air Force, then became a member of an art association, entered into juried shows, painted for squadron functions and completed a wall mural of the NYC skyline in S.E. Turkey. After my time in the Air Force I worked at a framing gallery then became an interior designer. 9/11 happened - and with some drastic changes in my life I took a break from painting and had to shift my career path. With the emergence of local "paint and sip" studios I once again took the opportunity to get involved and started painting in 2014 with acrylic paints, then took classes with Lakeside Art Institute in New Jersey in 2015. Inspired by nature, texture, and bright colors I began to specialize in custom commission paintings and I'm working my way into the NYC metropolitan area as an up and coming American contemporary artist. So far since my return to art creations I've completed several commission orders, my work has been in solo exhibits in local libraries, a local annual art show and sale with over 40 other artists, art show competitions with a major local hospital, up for sale in various New Jersey businesses to include Aether Game Café in Hoboken, NJ. As I am also an Interior Designer (in New York now), I prefer to work more meticulously with custom painting orders to make sure they tie in with the decor as necessary. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or requests for customization.

Enjoy my work!

Carla Hicks
IG: @carla.hicks01

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