Would you like to learn how to digitalize your handmade sketches coloring them with sustainable ink without polluting the environment in which you are living on the planet Earth with potential eco-toxic stains? If so, this is the right stream for you.

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Antonio Silvestro has been making a different kind of art operas, being its own life the first along with the decadent Gabriel D’ Annunzio belief; inspired by the symmetry of Nature like the ones depicted by the perfect geometries like the never-ending fractals patterns defined by the Fibonacci series, the paradisiac faces od Sandro Botticelli, the instantaneous circle described by Giotto and the genial Leonardo Da Vinci prospective, otherwise, fascinated by the light-sound Wassily Kandinsky duality, the naïf Juan Mirò, and the flip-flop Pablo Picasso ordering that make reality and imagination a complex ascensional path.

Being the travel ‘pencil on paper’ sketches his original way of impressing the beauty of the planet surrounding himself, his minimalist style sees itself filled by the PhotoActive Radiation emitted by plenty of different pigments expressing the tonality of the simple relativity merged within the absolute. Not just paintings, but collages with both living and ‘inert’ materials, have been performed of composition done by both the outer and inner the vital energy. This last flowing in himself has been depicted when Artonio saw himself portrayed by contemporary artists of fine reality.

At date, he hasn’t explored any psychedelics entheogenic nootropics enhancers, apart Cannabis sativa, but probably he will follow the steps of Alex Grey, assuming DiMethylTryptamine – the spirit molecule while processing its art, certainly, according to the legal status of the country hosting him (

29/04/2021 ‘Coursera online education’ ‘In the Studio: Postwar Abstract Painting’ taught by Corey D’ Augustine art conservator, technical art historian, and artist of the Department of Education by the Museum of Modern Art (

7 May 2020–15 Jun 2020 Certificate of completion of the ‘Modern Art & Ideas’ Coursera course, released by Lisa Mazzola of the ‘The Museum of Modern Art’ (MoMa) – 11 West 53 Street, Manhattan, NY USA, 10019 New York (United States)