Mariana Eksteen

Mariana Eksteen

The versatile and eclectic art creations of Mariana Eksteen, stirs the inner being, even the purist watercolor critic. She also works in oil, acrylic, pencil and pastel. She has the ability to capture the atmosphere of any surroundings, from the historical United Kingdom, the harsh Kalahari Desert, up to uncharted, secluded Karoo scenes and precise personal portraits. Her subtle translucent watercolors speak to the sensitive heart, while the dance of colorful acrylic brushstrokes excites your emotions. A surprising feature of her work is that she enjoys mixing mediums and techniques to create astounding works of art with significant meaning. She partook in numerous group and solo exhibitions, of which two solos in the UK was a highlight in her career. Approximately 45 of her paintings are represented in corporate collections throughout South Africa. She also used art as a therapeutic medium, and applied it in community projects to heal troubled hearts of orphans. She enjoys painting during live music performances. Mariana’s work is maturing and the best is yet to come.

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