Art by Liam Hutchinson

Art by Liam Hutchinson

Liam Hutchinson is an artist based in the North East of England. Predominately based in Newton Aycliffe; Liam didn’t start painting until 2022.

Due to his huge popularity across a range of the social networking platforms; Liam has now decided to sell some of his artwork.


During his life, Liam was a former soldier and travelled a vast range of the UK and the world.

He has been fortunate enough to visit countries such as Sri Lanka, Dubai, The Maldives, Cyprus, Spain, Mexico, The United States, islands of the Caribbean and Europe.

In addition, Liam has also enjoyed working with television. He has appeared on tv shows such as Crimes that Shook Australia, Crimes that Shook Britain, and Transformers (the last knight)

He now owns and runs a small minibus company called Lima Transport which he founded himself.

With running any company; Liam was often faced with anxiety and stress. He found expressing himself through painting was a way to release and calm himself from any any worries he felt.

Since then Liam has created and produced some fantastic pieces of work. He takes pride in his art and now feels it is time to share them with the world.

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