Art By Nonye

Art By Nonye

The creative genius behind Art By Nonye, is an aspiring creative connoisseur. She aspires to be well versed in many artistic disciplines such as writing, sewing, fashion, etc. Her first love has always been drawing with graphite. But over the years it gradually progressed to acrylic paintings and more recently graphic design.

Although her BA degree lies in Biology, art has always been a passion and hobby of hers since the age of 13. But due to a long hiatus during college, her passion and hobby was put on hold to gain her degree in the sciences. During the last two years of school she has been proactive and showcased her work at art events around the city of Newark, NJ.

"After completing my Bachelor's in Biology I then shifted my focus more towards my passion and giving it more attention. I want to share my talent to the world and hopefully inspire someone to never give up on their talent. With deepest sincerity, I invite you to my world of art!"