Art by DomiJohn

Art by DomiJohn

I have always seen my art as very personal to me. Not something to examine minutely by others. It wasn’t until this March, when I had an awakening and spiritual change and released all that I was carrying around emotionally, that I felt comfortable and didn’t need to keep it all to myself. I realize that it is not for everyone and since I have such history of thick skin with my art. I want t out there. I love who I am as a man, and as a person who is governed by my emotions the feeling of letting my art go too was impeding my creativity. All in all everything I need to be in line was in place so I just opened my hands and release everything.
It started with about 300 miniature Picasso and other artist replicas, before that a lot of writing and honesty but that is a different story. I draw for me, in this I keep the passion I have always had for art alive and kicking. I’m just getting started!

Mini Picasso’s six 1/2

Mini Picasso’s six

Mini Picasso’s five

Mini Picasso’s four

Mini Picasso’s three

Mini Picasso’s book 2

Mini Picasso’s 1

Inks and Brushes

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