Art by Kintner

Art by Kintner

Welcome! My name is Zach Kintner. My art consists of dramatic landscapes and scenes created with ominous color schemes and fine detail. Each piece is derived from a dark canvas using an acrylic medium. My entire life I have had a passion for art. My Grandmother was an incredible artist, whom I enjoyed watching as a child. She was a self-taught artist, as am I through years of trial and error. I have developed a unique order and process, and I take great pride in my work. Hard work, valuable time, and much joy and love goes into each painting I create.I hope you will find these images enveloping and thought-provoking. I aim to please the viewers eye. Creating emotion is not only necessary, but the highest honor an artist could have.

All paintings are completed by me, from hand-picking the materials to the final coat and signature. 100% Money Back Guarantee, so please buy with confidence.

Each Original Painting ships ready to hang. All edges are painted black, so custom framing is optional, but not necessary.

Each Original Painting is signed by me on the front and the back.

Hand Crafted Wooden Canvas Materials and Process:

~SurePly Premium Plywood- a composite plywood that is strong and flexible and used under flooring. My thoughts, if it is strong enough to walk on, it's strong enough to paint on.

~Framing consists of 1in. Furring Strips with mitered edges

~Sealed with wood glue and fastened with 3/4in. Brad nails

~3 different grits of sandpaper are used and hand-sanded after for ultimate smoothness.

~Wood putty and Gesso coating are used to prevent moisture from getting into the wood, which is allowed to cure overnight. This also allows the paintbrushes to glide smoothly.

~All canvasses are built with the utmost care for premium quality.

Thank you for viewing my page! To see more art, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @ artbykintner, and please feel free to contact me personally with any questions or concerns!

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