Art by Brent

Art by Brent

Hello my name is Brent Ritchie of Art by Brent, I live in Townsville Queensland Australia.
I am married with a baby on the way.
I have always been creative, always sketching since an early age using charcoal and pencils mostly, felt pens, virtually anything I could get a hold of.
I have a great love of colour and texture, I want my art to be beautiful, but more importantly to effect the person viewing it, to create an emotional response.
If I can achieve this emotional response in the individual or individuals than I have achieved my goal to bring a passion to that persons life.
I love being an artist and I have an unlimited creativity that is only curbed by income and lack of space around the house, there are paintings everywhere.
Buy my art so I can create more.
All the best.
Brent Ritchie


Formula 1 Extreme


The Shattering


Porsche Colour Explosion


How much do you want it?


Guns n Roses

Death Mask

Winners Never Quit!

Colour War

Colour Virus


4 Faces

3 Swords

Formula 1 Splendor