Art Décarie

Art Décarie

my name is Wilbrod Claude Décarie
I am passionate about visual arts.
For a long time, in my spare time, I dabbled with watercolours and pastels .
I have always kept them away from prying eyes.
 At the dawn of retirement, this desire to create emotion in people intensified.
I moved away from watercolour and pastels to explore alcohol ink and acrylic paint, two mediums that I particularly like.
I left behind figurative art to devote my time to abstract art. In this form of art I rediscovered the freedom of expression necessary to artistic creation.

I'm not inventing anything new. I give free rein to gestures and emotions that translate into forms and colors.

My artwork began to pile up and, one day, I decided to share my work with friends. Many liked what they saw and encouraged me to persevere.

As a result I created this website:

For a reason that I do not understand the format of the majority of contemporary artworks is very large, therefore, expensive.
The majority of my artistic works consists of small formats, which I hope will make abstract art more accessible to all budgets and reduced spaces.

My studio is located in the Laurentians in Saint-Sauveur, Province of Quebec.

I hope you will like my artwork and that you will experience the same emotions that I had when they were created.

Acrylic on canvas