Hello everybody!
It's me )
Bakatov Vladimir.
Russian artist .I'm living in France
Work in Russia (St.Petersburg), France (Servian) .

Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture Repin,
in the magical city of St. Petersburg.

I work in different techniques oil, acrylic, tempera.
I am optimistic, positive attitude to life :) , so
it's a concept of my art or themes that interest me.
If you saw somethings in my works that is close,
so I was able to convey and share with you the fire power that motivates me!
My works are in private collections in Russia, France and Japan.
They have different fate, they travel by the world and always find its true owner.
Donate, whether purchased or varied true connoisseur chooses its own, out of hundreds.
This one! Whether it's a sketch, drawing or finished product.
An opportunity to make my work more accessible.
And what I share with you!



Digital Art

Aqwarelle works

Pastel works

Acrylic works

Air brush works

Oil paintings