Arnold Bisset

Arnold Bisset

Arnold Bisset is a self taught landscape artist based in Hampshire who works in oil, pastel and watercolor. He enjoys painting scenes of places visited, or discovered whilst rambling in the sunshine along peaceful rivers, or climbing icy windswept fells.
Initially he worked entirely in oils, but after trying pastels he found their expression and immediacy was of benefit to his oils. Similarly with watercolor, he found greater freedom to use color in different ways.
He thinks paintings should invite the viewer into the scene, and give space for the viewer’s imagination and an emotional response. To help this, some paintings are done with a specific narrative, with things included and positioned accordingly. For the others the narrative emerged whilst painting, or is left entirely to the viewer’s imagination.
The choice of medium for a painting is emotional, a response to the envisioned work and scene.
He also thinks that the interplay of composition, color, and design are important to create paintings with lasting interest.

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