Archpriest  Andria

Archpriest Andria

“For a decades I thought how to receive transparency and effect of water-colors from the oil-colors. Hope even partially I’ve fulfilled my goal.
I kindly represent my works to you for your consideration.
Hopefully they will bring you a pleasure".

.”Famous Georgian Painter, Archpriest Andria (Natsvlishvili) was born on April 28, 1955 in Kutaisi, former Soviet Georgia.
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After graduation from school he continued study in Tbilisi at Mose Toidze College of arts. In the same years he studied at the Moscow Institute for Mastery of Artists.
After graduating from university, archpriest Andria Natsvlishvili, was actively involved in painting and icon-painting, his paints are widely-known around the globe, many of his masterpieces are part of eye-catching interiors.
Exhibitions are one of the main points of his life as creative artist, his paints were exhibited in galleries in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg,Kiev, Dresden, Hamburg, Tbilisi, Beirut, Minsk and many others.
Also, From 1995 he went into the church and became a clergyman in 2002. Currently he is prior of the st. Gabriel archangel church in Tbilisi.