Apollonas Soben

Apollonas Soben


I strive for world fame. I am looking for interested persons. Ready for exhibitions and any kind of cooperation.

Who is Apollonas Soben?

Apolonas Soben is a member of the Association of Artists of the Czech Republic since July 2021 contemporary Czech cubist artist who paints with his wife in oil and acrylics in his own unique style of Optimistic Cubism, with strict geometry and pure scales. His works are in private collections in Europe, Asia and the USA. The artist collaborates with contemporary musicians from the state of Florida, and Plot is their official partner in the design of albums and web pages. (DemoJams Partner Album/Catalogue Painter)

Through the mediation of my creations, we want to give wings to those who dream of flying not in a dream, but in reality. Let our painting bring into your home all the best that you dream of, or simply strengthen your sense of the singularity of the moment and the exclusivity of being on earth itself.

We trying to decorate our life with bright saturated colors, to bring more joy, love of life, eroticism, pleasure, inspiration to new actions, striving to conquer new heights into it. For less poetically minded citizens let our work make you feel comfortable and pleased with them, without breaking the harmony of the internal order of the room.

All our works are provided with several security elements against counterfeiting, and if you are interested, you can always check the authenticity of the author by requesting the necessary information.

All works are protected by copyright and all rights are reserved by the artist.

Regardless of your philosophical preferences, nationality, citizenship or skin color – I wish you all the best! Appreciate and love art, because Human is created in the likeness of the Creator, which means that his main purpose – to create!

Take care of yourself! Love and appreciate art! I wish you all good, health, prosperity and happiness! Smile, you are all beautiful!

Yours sincerely,

Apollonas Soben