Antoine Khanji

Antoine Khanji

Antoine Khanji is a Canadian artist and a systems analyst living in Blainville, Quebec. His interest in art began at a very early age. Antoine had his first art exhibition at the age of 24 while he was studying Computer Science at Bishop's University, Lennoxville, Quebec, back in 1984.

Antoine was influenced by many famous artists including Van Gogh, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Joànne Corneau (Corno), Jackson Pollock and Salvador Dali.

Antoine started digital painting using Samsung Galaxy 8 and Tab 3, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame at back in October 2018.

His favorite quote "Do not draw the nature as it is, but draw an abstract out of nature" by Marcus Tullius Cierco

Antoine is an artist who befits the phrase that art comes from investigation and search of nature.

The artist sometimes expresses the beauty, the comfort and leisure emotion of the surrounding nature, and even draws the gigantic nature through the nature. The artist shows a totally new world of art with the artist's own view and feeling.


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