Wall Narrations

Wall Narrations


Name is Anusha Ahelleya.
Dream is to make paintings narrate your favorite stories.
Nature is what I'm best connected with.

Colors define moods. Pictures tell stories. Paintings repeat them, and rejuvenate. Paintings have been used for multiple purposes - decorative, commercial, political, emotional etc. I'm a strong believer of paintings telling stories and telling them in a way that they touch our very being every time we see them. If you don't find your painting here, I'm yet to find your favorite story.

My suggestions to choose your right paintings, especially for homes:
* Never pick a painting which doesn't connect with your being within first 10 seconds of seeing it.
* Never pick a painting to impress your guests. Your wall is your atmosphere - you see them more than your guests.
* Never treat painting as a "status symbol" - expensive or difficult-to-understand paintings may earn you temporary attention, not a permanent companion.

I use Acrylics, Oil and Watercolors.