Shirl Solomon

Shirl Solomon

I was commissioned by NBC re Celebrated Drawing of Howard Hughes and
rendered his last image from a description by the pilots who flew him from Mexico to Texas and last saw him alive. The picture was published in newspapers around the world. I did courtroom drawings of famous Florida trials that were illustrated in the newspapers at a time when cameras were not permitted in courtrooms.

Art Schools That I Attended:
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Pa., Dallas Art Institute, El Instituto
Allende, San Miguel, Mexico; and studied with Paul Gaugain’s son in Papeete, Tahiti.

Stageplays written and produced
“J’adoube” (Drama)1981 (Screenplay won the Florida Screenwriter's
Award 1999)
“Oy, Vey, Cantor” 1984 (Musical Comedy 1995)
“The Money Masters” 1990(Comedy) “All For You, Harold” (Comedy/Drama) 1993 “The Strudel Lady” 2007.
Books on Amazon: "Knowing Your Child Through His Handwriting & Drawing",
"How to Really Know Yourself Through Your Handwriting", "Graphic Sex
Compatibility Test", "Scryptics", "My Name Isn't Rufus", "Small Deception",
"My Name Isn't Rufus".

All of the above were enjoyed immensely by me, and I continue to enjoy the same involvement to the best of my ability.