Decorative Impressions by Ann Lutz

Decorative Impressions by Ann Lutz

What is your passion or do you have a hobby that is your peaceful place in which you rest and rejuvenate? Painting is beyond a passion for me, it's a calling that I know in my soul I am supposed to do. As a little girl, I painted with my little watercolor set from Woolworths. Now, I am so happy there is a Blick Art Store.

Growing up in beautiful Savannah, Georgia, there has always been inspiration surrounding me. Between the ever changing salt marshes to the towering oak trees, nature is a constant reminder of our unique southern lands. There are of course the planned squares downtown that I have always loved, each one so charming. What about River Street and City Market? To wander through Forsyth Park is pure delight. Do you see what I mean? We are surrounded by beautiful subjects to paint. I am constantly having paintings twirling in my head. Colors feel like they just dance across the canvas and I slip into a most meditative and relaxed state as I paint away. It brings me great JOY to create each one and makes my heart stretch with even more JOY when others embrace my colors.

May your world be filled with many joyous colors. Colorful Wishes, Ann








Marsh scenes