Annie Waldusky

Annie Waldusky

Greetings! Come check out my gallery --just please be sure to check any thirst for realism at the door and be sure to don a plus sized imagination.

A little about my artwork: I like to tell stories with my art. In every piece, there is a story unfolding; a colorful splash of a window into another world to help ignite the muse within YOURSELF (yes, she does exist). Kids LOVE my work --I hope you do, too.

I currently and passionately run my own freelance business illustrating & designing children's books for self publishing authors. I also get commissioned to illustrate & design quirky (humorous) tourist maps of cities. I just recently completed the new Downtown Boulder Visitor Map, along with all the "You Are Here" maps on the directories along the Pearl Street Mall. I've had my illustration work published in Twine Magazine, and my writing published in the Rooster Magazine, a prominent Boulder publication. My most recent clients have been Downtown Boulder Inc., Boulder Valley Public Middle Schools & Mighty Fudge Studios.

I sell prints of many of my illustrations, as well as some originals. Come check out my gallery and see if there is anything magical that would liven up your child's bedroom and help keep their creativity in tippy=top shape --or perhaps even in your own home or office.

After all, adults are allowed to play, too. ;)


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