Anne Walter Photography

Anne Walter Photography

Welcome to my website! I live in Southern California, Los Angeles area. Most of the photos in my gallery depict a moment in nature while visiting a National Park or hiking in the neighborhood area. Others may bring an architectural detail, something that caught my eye, this time while I was passing by a street in the city.

My father, who had a studio, taught me how to take captivating pictures. He developed a system where he could see the images on a TV screen before they were processed. It was something new, ahead of its time, and even as kids we all contributed with tasks to make the business prosper. I have a background in science — no wonder! — and worked in academia, but a passion for photography was always with me. The photographs I am showcasing in ArtPal were taken mainly in the USA, where I live, but others are from trips to Europe or Brazil.

These photos were taken with different cameras, and they are in high resolution. You will find a broader range to choose from. If you need something more specific, a theme that interests you, but you won't find anywhere else, you can always contact me.

I hope you enjoy the experience and I wish you a successful project, either for your home, business or office.

Anne Walter

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