Anita Snoody Art

Anita Snoody Art

Hi there,
I believe an artist is hidden in everyone. Myself I have been drawing and painting since childhood. I put down this great hobby and just recently picked it back up. I have no particular "way", I just pick up the brush and let the "Greater" guide me. I stake no claim in what appears on the canvass.
I try to incorporate some 3 dimensional aspects by adding a few stones or some sparkly of some kind. That's all. My intention to sell the art is to 2fold: to practice non-attachment as well as to donate 75% to a animal charities so you and I can contribute in a small way to the animal world which is so desperately needed. Be blessed,

I currently live in HOTlanta, GA but was raised in Europe where I had the privilege to enjoy a sheltered childhood and was able to explore many arts such as painting, drawing, singing, playing woodwind instruments. My main medium is canvas but I also intend to continue to explore photography as well as other art mediums such as sculpturing.

ART is "a must" for us to express and heal, it is not reserved for a chosen few. Everyone's expressions are worthy due to the subjective nature of the medium. I am hopeful that more "unknown" artists will be inspired and contribute to the world in this way.



Black and White

Abstract Expressions