Art Only Anita Faulkner

Art Only Anita Faulkner

Anita Faulkner is a Sydney artist striving to complete her Bachelors degree in Fine Arts at Tafe WSI - Nepean college Sydney. She has always been passionate about expressing herself through her artwork. Anita uses brushes, pens, pencils, charcoal and many other mediums to put her thoughts, ideas, request and imagination on to a blank canvas for the world to view.

Anita first started showing her skills when she was in Primary school. At the age of 9 she had already won her first award for a drawing competition held by Penrith City Council.

After high school she had devoted her time and energy to her 7 children and husband. Art soon was made just a hobby as there was no time to focus on it as a career, but later in life she was given that opportunity.

Anita has completed Certificate 2, Certificate 4 and an Advanced Diploma Course at WSI in Fine Arts, where she is currently studying her Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts, set to graduate in 2018. The Bachelor course is a well renowned course as its main core work is provided through The Federation University of Ballarat.

Throughout her career, Anita has won numerous awards and prizes in various art shows. She has also done many commissioned works both for individual collectors and institutions, including a series of paintings for the "CODA" Art exhibition as part of her Advanced Diploma course at WSI. She was placed 1st in the open category for the 35th Annual Easter Art Show of Port Macquarie, Highly commended for the Darcy Doyle Art Award and attained an Advanced Diploma with Distinctions.

Artist Statement -
My artistic journey started late in life, because i started a family early, and there for my art work has been greatly influenced by family issues. As a result, studying art has encouraged me to involve myself in political issues such as child abuse, animal welfare and environmental threats which i feel has been reflected in my artwork.