Zizela art & design

Zizela art & design


Welcome and thanks for visit my artwork.Please visit my https://www.zizela.deviantart.com for more info and details about me

”Today I did a decision of my life. I decided to stop paint ladybug and flower because it does not feels right anymore and I need to leave it all behind. My art is work from my bottom of my heart which mean its not worth it when it does not feels ok or right anymore, so it’s just not worth it to continuing with it.. It has no worth and it does not give me any strenght anymore to think I can change it when I am lost as the smallest ones as myself. I just have to leave it all behind and go back to do fractals or some other kind of art, I will
my decision. my life,, so the ladybug and the flower bye bye”

Digital artwork

Fractal artwork

Abstract digital