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Zizela art & design


Welcome and thanks for visit my artwork.Please visit my https://www.zizela.deviantart.com for more info and details about
This is me; I do my work from bottom of my heart. My wish is that no mother and no child should suffer any pain by mistreatment in the society so the ladybug and the flower-project of art I do is to protect them all.” My illustrations may not be download, shared, reproduce or used without my permission, if you like anything or want to discuss ideas, just write me a message. Humanity, peace, love and understanding is all about to respect each other. I lost my identity in my life because of several difficult situations of being mistreated so we were walking around in cirkles. It’s a way for me to say it through ladybug and flower etc. that the smallest things sometimes takes up the most Otherwise My opinion is my opinion, my perception is my perception, do not confuse people with my truth" ”

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