Welcome to my gallery.

I'm a digital painter, but sometimes I also paint with a brush or spray. I produce large format canvases, collages, posters, music covers, book illustrations, advertising materials, clothing design, NFT and more. Modern abstract art is my passion, but I don't mind mixing styles and combining abstraction with reality. I will generate some fragments, backgrounds, brightly colored elements on a computer, I will compose a composition from these pieces, then I will enrich it with other effects. I mix layers and pixels just as a DJ mixes individual tracks, and I do that until I achieve a satisfactory result. Sometimes I use real elements, natural structures, or fragments from photographs, which creates a mix of reality and computer unreality, which allows us to look into dream worlds. I share these art experiments with you in this gallery. I hope you like it. Enjoy!

Here in the gallery on ArtPal you can buy some of my work, there are many types of printing in different formats and also many variants of framing - everyone can choose according to specific needs.

Here I offer also several unique prints on canvas measuring 2x2 meters, these originals are produced only in the edition of 1 piece of each painting. Of course signed, and framed. We will agree on the frame with the potential buyer individually. The costs of framing and transport are paid by the author. If you are seriously interested in purchasing - please contact me as soon as possible, I am currently preparing an exhibition of my work and it is assumed that most of the paintings will be reserved in the near future. So please don't delay for a long time.

If you need to contact me directly for any reason (offer of cooperation, interest in buying paintings), you can do via e-mail:

Thank you for visiting my online gallery and I hope you enjoy it here.
I wish you a nice day and a pleasant experience while watching my work.

Yours AndyAaron







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