Andrii Bilonozhko

Andrii Bilonozhko

I work and live in Kiev, Ukraine. I have been fond of photography since childhood. I took the first pictures on my grandfather's camera. Later I acquired rangefinder and SLR cameras. My favorite thing is to photograph architecture. I have extensive experience as a cameraman and photographer.


1997-2002 Chernihiv State Pedagogical University of T.Shevchenko (history and ethnology teacher);
2007-2012 - Kyiv National Culture and Art University (television and movie camera man).


2003-2006 - year's summary exhibitions at city photoclub "Chernihiv";
2007 - personal photo ehxibition at gallery-cafe "Abazhur".
2008 - collective exhibition "Perekhrestya" at Modern Arts Museum "Plast-Art", Chernihiv. 83 shots were exposed.
2014 - personal photo art exhibition at at Modern Arts Museum "Plast-Art", Chernihiv.