Andrew Daws Projects

Andrew Daws Projects

I am trained as an architect, and continue to work as an architect and teacher of architecture, but I have been sketching, drawings and painting for many years. Being both architect and artist, I was delighted when, at last, I found the perfect medium for me - pastels - which allow me to draw and 'paint' at the same time, and with such a wide range of colours. They allow me to be physical, by working them with crayon and fingers. I therefore get very close to the works as I make them.
Born and educated in England, for years I sketched when I travelled, happy to record what I saw in sketchbooks. Now, I want to paint not only what I have seen, but also what I have felt, and like some of my favourite artists, particularly those working at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, it is light that I wish to capture most. I hope you enjoy the works shown in this gallery. You are very welcome to get in touch with me.

"There is something beautiful about these paintings that encourages you to plan what wall in your home you would hang them and how would the natural light moving through the room during the day change the depth of colour you recall from the Space Gallery..."

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