Andrea Dixon

Andrea Dixon

I'm a photographer & mixed media artist creating vivid, digital photo composites and mixed media works on canvas. You can keep up with my adventures here:

As a mixed media & digital artist, I have the great fortune to be able to spend four months of every year working in Antarctica where the dazzling light and lack of color sends my imagination into overtime. It has had a huge impact on how I shape light and color in my work now.

Working digitally allows me to incorporate both my mixed media paintings & collages with my photography. It is the combination that allows me to craft the stories that I seek to create with my work. I generally have little intention of presenting the world as a photographic copy of what you can see for yourself. Vivid colors, graphic & minimalist details, and soft, moody light power many of my photos as I work to capture places and objects as I would like them to be.

The world does not always present itself in the way I want to see it, and so I create it. I create it to present to you, with the hope that you’ll want to step into my world for a moment too.