Amy’s Art

Amy’s Art

My name is Amy. I was born and raised in Texas, now living in a beautiful state of Vermont since last year. I am in Vermont to be closer to my son in college and daughter with her father in New Hampshire.

I have been an artist and used my art skills as a hobby ever since I was little. I took up after my father, an artist too by drawing and painting airplanes to cars. My daughter is now into digital art doing Animé characters.

As for me, I mostly use pencil, markers, and color pencils with my drawings. I have done some painting, sculpture, sketching, and ceramics in a high school art class of 3 years and was selected as honors in art for 2 years.

My favorite types of drawings is birds and wolves. I am able to do people, cats and dogs in pencil drawing. I like abstract drawings in color which is unique to do something out of the ordinary. Art to me is the free expression of being creative as human beings.



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