Amy Martin

Amy Martin

Hello! I'm a California girl, originally, now living the rural life in South Jersey.

I have a massage practice that keeps me busy now, for 21 years.

During the pandemic, I found significant stress relief in creating art. In fact, when I reopened my massage practice I found myself carving time in my schedule to ensure my artistic expression was allowed to blossom.

It's been about six months into my passionate plunge into art. I love working with acrylics and have found most recently a real drive to learn more about pour painting.

My hobby turned into a side gig when I decided to start selling my art. The trick, it seems, is to come up with a title. Sometimes I work on coming up with something, sometimes I embellish a pour piece with acrylic markers. I'm excited to continue creating these pieces for my audience. I have sold several pieces already in person and hope to sell many more online.

It takes time for my pieces to dry and then cure, about a month. Unless noted otherwise, all pieces on this site are ready to pack and ship, or to pick up.

I can create commission pieces and offer a virtual private consult at no fee.

I live in Salem County NJ and will gladly do a curbside hands free pick up and contactless payment if desired. I will also accept cash. NOTE: I have estimated the shipping rates and will adjust as I determine the true cost. Obviously curbside or public, local pickup saves all that expense.

Acrylic Pour Paintings

Lotus Mandalas