Amy Conaghan Art

Amy Conaghan Art

~ I am a mom, wife, USAF Veteran and artist. ~

I create watercolor and ink on 9" x 12" based on photography I have taken or I create commissioned art pieces requested based on pictures my clients have taken/provided to me.

I specialized in flora, fauna, buildings, still life, animals, architecture and other scenes. I can create one-of-a-kind art pieces (no further prints or duplicates), art pieces where you retain original but printing and gifts are still available to others, or you can order items as gifts with art I have created previously and have available within my gallery.

I spend a minimum of 4 hours on each piece.

Find me & message me directly on my Facebook page: @AmyConaghanArt

Provide picture via contact along with special request (i.e. use purple tones, teal background requested, etc...)