Rachelle Amiot


Rachelle Amiot was born on a farm in rural Alberta. Her grand parents were homesteaders from Quebec and Massachusetts. She still loves nature and the outdoors. She moved to Edmonton as a teenager and until her move to Metro Vancouver in 1997, and has been residing in the West End of Vancouver for the past 7 years. Rachelle took numerous evening classes in drawing, colour & design, and painting in Edmonton while working and raising a family. She is a past member of The Arts and Craft Society of Alberta, The Federation of Canadian Artist(Edmonton branch) and in BC a past member of Port Moody Art Association, and The Coquitlam Art Club. Her interest in travelling took her to the Bahamas, Hawaii, and Whidbey island, WA with groups of artists for weeks instructions and painting, following with displays of their works of art. Her love of acrylic and watercolour paints reflects in all the details n her paintings.

Drawing and painting is something I feel the need to do over and over again
The compulsion has led and lured me all over the world, opening doors to people and places I would not have otherwise known.
When painting landscapes, either acrylic or watercolour allows me to focus on light filtering through the leaves, the trees, on the water, and on and on.
The patterns themselves are able to transport me to a new place.
Identifying the light and dark values translates automatically to a deeper appreciation for all the light, shapes and shadows around me every day.