Art by AmbersNature

Art by AmbersNature

I’ve known since I was a small child that my art work made me happy. So when I needed to start thinking about a career, I knew that using the gift that I had been given was what I wanted to do. After all, people say “do what you love and it won’t be work”. All through high school and then college I tried to learn as much as I could to develop my skills. Upon graduating from college I married and had the great fortune of living in Hawaii. Talk about inspiration!! I watched sea turtles scurry on the beach and whales leap from the sea. Then there were the lush landscaping, mountains, rainbows and so many inspiring creatures of nature. I couldn’t paint fast enough to capture all of the natural beauty surrounding me.
Throughout my career my environment and love of animals has been the subject of many pieces of art. Some were commissioned works and others simply from wanting to capture a special moment. When I was lucky enough to live in Germany a whole new world opened up with the beautiful landscaping that I was able to travel through. It was there that I developed a new style that was “me”. The classical influence of Europe bonded with the new age. This lead to the style that I love of realism and impressionism combined. My love of color is evident in my interpretation of the subject.
I’m proud to say that my work has been sold globally with clients from Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, and all across the United States. My hopes are that the art of AmbersNature will bring a touch of happiness to many more homes.

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Animal paintings

Sea turtle painting

Marine life paintings

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