Amber McNeel Art

Amber McNeel Art

If I could say in words what my paintings reveal about my inner feelings, my sequestered emotions finding escape in the dawn of description, I would have no need to paint.

What is my art about? All I can say is that every painting starts with a compulsion to exhale emotions that are foreign, frightening, or frustrating. From there pure unadulterated emotion takes over and fingers and hands spread acrylic across a canvas leaving behind blaring echoes of my desires, my pains, my passions, and my very soul. The bright colors attempt to hide the sorrow and heartaches just as I try to hide behind a smile in real life. Each painting is a page directly out of my personal diary, another tale of lovers lost, anger amplified, or damages long disguised.

My name is Amber McNeel. I am 38, married, mother of two, and have been expressing emotions through paint and canvas for about seven years. I tend to paint in abstract or pop art styles with bright colors being the predominant color scheme even though the bright can't hold back all my dark. My series include a collection of nude portraits called "Emotional Silhouettes", a pop art focused abstract series that includes wpap art and more titled "POPular portraits", and a series of abstract fluid like paintings called "Flowing Chaos".

I also do graphic design and sell those designs across the web at places like redbubble and cafepress, and I sell graphic designs on shirts through amazon under the dallastxart brand name. My works can also be viewed at as well.

Pop Art Portrait


Impressions of Expression