Amber French

Amber French

My name is Amber French, I grew up in between the Adirondacks and the Canadian border so have this deep appreciation for nature. I've been drawing since I was five years old and am now twenty seven. The first time I actually realized that I had any artistic talent was at a young age, I'd say by eight years old I knew I was a bit above average in drawing then most kids my age because at that time I won a contest to the one and only Walt disney world. See I grew up pretty poor around a farming community and spent my childhood living in subsidized housing, not that there is anything wrong with this I actually still have a lot of friends from my childhood apartment complex but I was also bullied quite a bit because of my living situation. My parents worked very hard for me and my sisters and we never went without anything, but we didn't ever have the money to even consider a trip to Walt disney world so it really was the trip of a lifetime. I'm appreciative for all art has done for me and the calming sensation it has on my life as I grow older and face more and more struggles. I don't make very much money from my art but I love doing it and that doesn't stop me from trying. Anyhow so I hope you enjoy my site and my work and think you for taking time to read my bio.