Amanda Lux

Amanda Lux


My name is Amanda Lux. I am an artist, author, mother, dreamer and educator. I love to create art as a form of energy medicine and healing for myself and beyond.

Each painting you will find in my gallery has come from my dreams and meditations. They are sacred locations, spirit guides, allies, and representations of my healing process. Each image has a story and a teaching. They are also part of a larger body of work that will soon become an illustrated novel on the spiritual journey called, "A Lone Traveler's Guide to the Divine".

My greatest desire (besides making art) is to be in conscious community with like-minded individuals who are here on the planet to kick ass, show up, and do their Soul Work to elevate themselves in service of the collective... which is why I created the Hive. Inside the Elevation Hive Community Membership for empaths, healers and seekers. I offer online courses, events and workshops on intuitive development, Polarity Therapy and DreamWork.

I am passionate about Ashtanga yoga, really delicious coffee, and painting in my one room studio, "the Birdhouse," in the middle of the majestic (yet wet) Pacific Northwest rainforest.

In fact, that is probably where I am right now as you read this!

Thank you so much for supporting my art. I appreciate you looking, buying and sharing!

Feel free to drop me a line for commissions or exquisite conversation: BE@ELEVATIONHIVE.COM.