I'm a 22 year old artist currently residing in Dublin, Ireland with a bunch of pet rats and my cocker spaniel Boss.

I've been painting and drawing for pretty much all of my life, on and off. I try to experiment a lot with different styles and subjects. My first love has always been painting horses, but besides that I do the occasional portrait, still life or horror scene as I see fit for the moment. I find inspiration in the little things, but as I am a perfectionist I don't produce as much art as I should do if I wanted to make a living out of it. Then again, I believe it's about quality - not quantity.

I have decided to sell some of my originals as they are accumulating and taking up space, but at the same time I want to give everyone the option to buy a print of my artworks. Some artworks will only be available for print, as I want the originals to stay in my personal collection.

I also have a good lot of my photographs available for print. Because there are loads of these I will most likely keep updating this bits at a time.