Alice Gur-Arie

Alice Gur-Arie

Photography and painting converge in Alice Gur-Arie's mixed media images.

Alice is an award nominated artist whose work has been auctioned at Christie's and exhibited at the Iceland Embassy of London. It is held in private collections in the UK, US, Israel, Switzerland, Germany and Canada.

Inspired by the natural world, landscapes, seascapes, wildlife and images of nature dominate her portfolio. Ranging in style from bold saturated abstracts to soft, textured tones, her work reflects an unending pursuit of new ways of seeing.

Describing herself as an interpreter who "wants to engage both head and heart," she takes photographs around the world and repaints them digitally by hand into limited edition, contemporary fine art images.

You can purchase the art on ArtPal either as a small, limited edition print, or in a package of 5 high quality, greeting cards. The cards are blank on the inside, are approximately 4" x 6", and come with a white envelope. Package of 5 cards costs £15.00 including postage within the UK. DM to order greeting cards.

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