Psychedelic Artistry llc.

Psychedelic Artistry llc.

Hello. My name's Alex and I'm an Independent Artist. I'm currently working on becoming my own boss. I've been drawing Psychedelic Artwork since 2013.

I'm a very outgoing and vocal person. It's very hard for people to get under my skin. I typically don't care what other people think of me, and I accredit this to all of the times I took Psychedelics, but mainly to my four 'Psychedelic Experiences'. As far as I'm concerned, if it's not an ego death, it's not a 'Psychedelic Experience' it's just an 'Experience with Psychedelics'.

Because I don't care what others think about me (for the most part), I'm willing to take risks that I normally wouldn't take if I cared what others thought of me, risks that enrich my life and allow me to learn and grow. I live for growth. It's what keeps me moving forward at all times!

Some call me crazy. I can see why. I'm essentially a Hippie, a Comedian, and a Loving, Loyal Friend meshed into one personality.

Psychedelics not only showed me that I don't need to fear death, that it's one of the most natural parts of life, but they answered all of my questions about life and the universe.

I'd like to elaborate upon a consistent theme I've come across while in the state of 'Ego Death'.
I've come across several different entities. Little Men who live in the walls, Angels, the White Light, & Sacred Balls of Impossibly Colored Geometry.

All of these entities spoke a mythical language that I had never heard before taking Psychedelics, but I could somehow understand it as fluently as English.

They all told me the same thing. "We love you so much!! You are so loved here. The secret to life is love. Live a life filled with love!"

They would then proceed to telepathically beam this love into me and it felt better than heroin or any other drug. And I felt SO safe!

My drawings are all inspired by and themed around 'Ego Death'.

Most of my artwork is based on real experiences that I've had with Psychedelics including Psilocybin Mushrooms (the magical kind =]), LSD, DXM, 25i-NBOME, and DMT.

I always draw from the heart I only use my mind to coordinate colors so that they pop out more (You know, red with green, yellow with purple, and orange with pretty much anything. ;P)

I separate my artwork into two categories; 'Old Age Artwork' and 'New Age Artwork'.

'Old Age Artwork' consists of the artwork that I drew between 2013-2016. I no longer use the same method of drawing that I used to, and it's unlikely that I'll revert back to my old style. Because of this, I treasure these and keep them safe in a ziploc binder. Sadly, none of these are for sale because of this.

'New Age Artwork' utilizes the style that I use today, where I separate all of the areas of color with black lines, turning them into something like you'd see in a Psychedelic coloring book.

You can tell which is which because the 'New Age' pictures are all framed and 'Old Age' pictures aren't. Also it'll allow you to know which ones aren't for sale. =]

As previously stated, I'm working on becoming my own boss. This is very important to me. I've received nothing but positive feedback on my artwork, and I implore people to criticize my work as much as they possibly can so I can utilize that criticism and improve my work. I would very much like to turn this into my lifelong career. That's my dream. ^_^

I'm extremely confident in my work. I have no qualms about pricing my artwork for what I believe is fair.

Personal Commissions: $125 flat rate or $20/hr for drawings taking more than 6 hours.

Original Framed & Signed Drawings available for 60 cents per square inch on my Artpal (9x12: $70). Sometimes I'll give a $10 discount, putting them at $60, and all drawings that take over 8 hours have a $25 surcharge ($95).

Going to start painting I'll price them cheaper than my drawings we'll see on the price.

Gallery - For Sale $60-$95

Large Prints

Works in Progress