As a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Photographer, I am often asked how I generate “ideas” for my work and manipulate them into images. Well, I find that looking at jobs done, reading books, talking to friends, colleagues, visiting various exhibitions, help tremendously. And viewing these experiences from different angles for example, has always been a way (for me) to help solve graphic-related problems. That means looking at them from a different mindset. And because graphic design is art which makes itself useful, producing art involves listening to one's inner self and to then visualising a picture originating from one's inner voice or attuning to a subject which has been looming up at you for some time, or just something you've been thinking about, waiting for it to be transferred into a work of design or art. It doesn't matter how that art got there and that's it.
Recently, over the past 10 years or so, corporate painting and graphics have become a rather splendid entity, popular not only for companies and institutions but also for private homes and private art collectors – all around the world. So what could be more inspiring (and more successful), than putting – at least some of your work – on one of the world's largest web markets for art. Are you hoping for a wider presentation?

✫ TWO_IN_ONE This gallery takes you on a journey through pieces with TWO pieces in one picture: So Buy One – Get One Free!
The anagram of this gallery title: (TO_WIN_ONE) which evolved purely by chance, is truly bewildering and makes the mind boggle! 

✫ BIZZ_TYPES is a range of graphical pictograms concerning 'men with cases in hand', who are hushed around the world, trying to find the best way of making progress in our modern, economic environment. 

✫ SOMETHING_FOR_EVERYONE is the gallery for lots of posters in many genres, formats, and themes.
 Time for fun!

✫ BLACK_AND_WHITE drawings explain what happens — or what CAN happen when the German public develops — and discusses — thoughts about their language and the effect of the media upon every-day life.
 These drawings are from way back in 1998 but nonetheless analog to today.

✫ SPACE_ORG There’s a lot of talk about Aliens nowadays: A customer of mine wanted his Corporate Image-based not on the eventual existence of would-be extraterrestrial entities, but rather what it may be like in the not too distant future, to experience business in that kind of operating system. I endeavored to illustrate those distant happenings. Please enjoy!

✫ FLOWERY_STUFF Well, I just cannot imagine my ArtPal presence without a nature gallery. So here it is, again one of my favorites. When touring around the countryside there is always a camera at hand. And there are some pretty awesome public gardens at disposal, just begging to be shot at – with a camera lens, of course!

That’s a few of the present collections explained. I do hope you enjoy the various galleries I’ve produced. The fact is, the largest one by far is the SOMETHING_ FOR_EVERYONE gallery with Sayings, Posters, and a little fun stuff. Rather a personal favorite.


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TWO_IN_ONE: Buy Two pictures in One✫


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FLOWERY_STUFF Beautiful Nature ✫

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