Ajit Bhat Finearts


I have been admiring the beauty of this world, of anything and everything and even everyone. It has been my passion since childhood. I used to enjoy Painting with crayons and then with poster colours in school, trying to draw beautiful scenes and flowers and people. It was a beautiful time, stimulating time and creative time.

Then came the period of career development and somehow I failed to look at being an Artist as a career option.

But, God is there and he does guide you, and if you do not listen, then he creates certain conditions such that you follow the path He has decided for you.

That is what happened and I landed in The United States and that too right in the middle of the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-08. Fortunately, I found my passion for painting rather than a “job” and that was when this all started. I learned Oil Painting in the Washington University of St. Louis.

My heart was calling for more though and coming back to India in 2009 made me dabble in Water Colours. I had to get an introduction in this very difficult but fantastic medium. Again by Gods grace I found the best teacher, Mr Milind Mulick, the master of Water colour, right here in Pune and I also got much more than just an Introduction.

Since then, I find myself surrounded by colour.... always.... everyday. Rest is History and is being made everyday.....

I love to see the beauty in everything and also love to see the smile and content in the eyes of people like you who view and appreciate my paintings.

Thanks for taking the time to View my art.

Water Colors