Natalya Agarzaeva

Natalya Agarzaeva

Natalya is a professional, full-time distinctive artist who gets inspiration from Beauty, whether it is the beauty of wild nature, landscapes, or the portraits of pretty women, powerful but fragile. She adores animals, so there are a lot of them among her artworks.
Natalia works in different techniques, oil, tempera, gouache, fluid acrylic, resin art, and drawings.
She always knew she would be an artist, and though fine art education was not her first degree, it became the main inspiration and goal of her life!
Her artworks are always bright and life-affirming. Enjoy and make your life brighter!
Natalia joined the Creative Union of Russian Artists in 2011 and is published in annual catalogs.
She also graduated from Moscow Academic School of Design with a degree in drawing and painting, and it was then that she began to write in the studio of the well-known and wonderful Russian artist Alexander Gudkov.
Natalia's artworks are in her homeland, as well as in Perth, New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Chicago.
Sholokhov Moscow State University for Humanities
Moscow Academic School of Design
Annually participation in the catalog of the ARS LONGA.
Selected group exhibitions
2014. - "Artists from the studio of Alexander Gudkov at the Moscow Academic School of DESIGN". (Moscow, Russia) ...