Audra D. Valdez

Audra D. Valdez

Audra Valdez is a body and dream intuitive, assisting in creating clarity and healing through dreams, art, coaching, various alternative healing methods, essential oils and anything else that serves the highest state of well-being-ness.

As an artist, she works with many mediums from graphite, colored pencils, oils, pastels, digital tools, design, photography, vocal music and writing. With her unique perspectives, she helps us see the details and beauty that surround us in everyday life.

Not only does she see into the world of sleeping dreams and bodies, she also sees our awaking dream, guiding us to be conscious in every moment, drinking deeply of the sights, sounds and textures of what life has to offer.

Her hope is that by sharing her art and heart with you, it will bring you moments of peace, beauty, health, joy and ease on your journey to deeply creating your world.

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