Abstract Designs by Penelope Kinsey ~P.K.-69~

Abstract Designs by Penelope Kinsey ~P.K.-69~


Unless you are familiar with my type of Artistic Style this may not be your kind of Art.

First I'd like to start by saying NO to future and all titles on my art work. I feel as though this should be left up to the person that takes an interest in one of my pieces. Therefore, if you are able to unlock that side of your brain where one can be open and not closed minded. Where one can experience the creative side for once and push your mind further outside the box then my type of Artistic Flare is the right Gallery to explore.

Throughout my gallery you will see that I draw eyes in the majority of my work. I begin with no particular image in mind and once I'm finished I sit back and scan over what I've just drawn at different viewing points and I'm always seeing something completely different.

A lot of my artwork came about during the time period of when I had become homeless. Therefore, I had lacked the things that most take for granted and designed my artwork on anything I had to use.

Materials Often Used: cardboard, writing notebook paper, copier paper, drawing or sketch paper, toilet paper, napkins, boxes, tshirts, bed sheets, pillow cases, and any other materials that could be drawn upon in some form or fashion, including my skin. That became the easiest route for me to be able to draw all the time. That way I could snap a quick picture with a phone and then wash it away once it began to wear off.

This was and still is a huge part of my life on Self Expression and Stress Release Technique I would religiously partake in. My artwork was the one way in which I made money to buy the basic things needed at times. I sat outside a store on a curb or against a wall and draw for hours. Little by little as others noticed and inquired as to what I was doing I began to sell my designs on shirts to those out shopping most often.