I am Andrea a self tought artist and i create contemporary art, abstract art, original contemporary paintings such as abstract, landscape, seascape, beachscape, skyscape, impasto, textured and mixed media paintings.

Thank You for taking the time to be here and i would like to invite You on a joyful emotional journey into the world of magic.

When i paint, i paint from my heart and soul and just embrace that emotional flow to create with passion and a presence in the moment. I let go of the world around me and step into the right here and now where the magic happens. It is an intense emotional transition, a rapture of harmony and well being and i am very thankful that i can share this joyful emotional connection with all You great people out there through my paintings.

I have had an appreciation for and a special connection with art, already from an early age. During the years i have explored and experimented with different kind of styles, techniques and passionately created in various ways.

I cherish my creations and treat them with lot of care. My paintings are among else inspired by life around me, nature, people, music, emotions and happenings.



Thank you for your visit and enjoy!

Original Paintings

Giclee Fantasy Art

Quotes Abstract Art

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