ARTabstraction by Nehal Patel

ARTabstraction by Nehal Patel

A self taught artist, born and brought up in India and influenced by its culture and rich heritage, moved few years back to Canada to follow her dreams.
She is a strong personality with a deep sense of openness and ethics, currently lives in Toronto and works with a food safety team as a part of her profession. 

So, now the question is where is the artist?
The artist replied to that " For me art is the form of expressing feelings, it is a state of my mind and my skills of imagination that portrays my best piece of artwork." The artist have been painting abstract style since an age of 16 years for leisure, it is just few years back she started persuing it as a part of her profession.
She paints abstract style using acrylic as her primary medium, some of her art work shows that she is in love with the bright tones and does not hesitate to experiment with it. She mentions " I believe color therapy is successful and every color resonates its own feeling, choosing certain color in your art can help you attract those feelings and perpetuate your dreams."

And lastly she concludes, " My art is free of boundaries, it brings me positivity and enhances the senses in it's deepest forms."

Artist- Nehal Patel

Exhibition: THE SHOW- 2016 Commffest International Art Exhibit.